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    Walk Off The Weight This Fall

    These power walks can help anyone burn fat while sculpting your whole body in less than twenty-five minutes. You can pick to perform these activities indoors or out, and attempt a various walk method each time you do this.

    Try to walk 3 to 5 times a week.


    This cardio-sculpting program uses uphill walking on a treadmill to zero in on thighs, glutes and hips. “Do the workout on a treadmill first, so you’ll be more accustomed to the pacing and RPE, and then take it outside to natural hills in your hood,” said Reed.

    Minute 0:00-3:00

    Warm up at 3 mph on a 3 percent incline. “If you feel like the intensity is too much at any point, decrease speed on the treadmill but maintain the incline,” he said. Try walking on your toes for 30 seconds and on your heels for another 30 seconds to prep lower-body muscles for hills. (RPE 3)

    Minute 3:00-6:00

    Increase speed to 4 mph and gradually increase incline to 6 percent. “Increase the incline every 30 to 60 seconds so your body can adapt,” Reed said. Consciously contract your butt muscles as you stride at steeper grades. (RPE 4, 5)

    Minute 6:00-9:00

    Increase speed to 4.5 mph (a brisk 13-minute mile) and gradually increase incline to 9 percent. “Lean into the hill to target butt and hips,” said Reed. (RPE 6, 7)

    Minute 9:00-15:00

    Over the next seven minutes, maintain 4.5 mph and incrementally increase incline to the maximum. “Avoid holding onto the handrails. If you feel like you have to hold on, decrease speed until you can walk at this incline for several minutes,” said Reed. For 30 to 60 seconds, try walking with your hands on your hips to make legs work harder. (RPE 8, 9)

    Minute 15:00-20:00

    Begin cooling down by lowering the percent of incline every 30 seconds or so. “Spend the last two minutes at a warm-up pace to allow heart rate to recover,” Reed says. Stretch on your own after every walk. (RPE 4, 3)


    Strengthen your body, increase flexibility and flatten your abs with Petra Kolber’s yoga-walk routine. You’ll finish a speedy 15-minute walk with five minutes of core moves, and you’ll focus on contracting abdominals during the walk itself.

    “If you want more yoga and less walking, warm up with sun salutations,” Kolber said. “The key to yoga walking is breathing deeply through the nose to cultivate calmness,” said Kolber, creator of the “Breathe” programs.

    Instead of counting reps during core exercises, use eight full breaths per move.

    Minute 0:00-5:00

    Walk briskly to warm the heart and muscles. Begin inhaling and exhaling only through the nose and allow your belly to expand fully during inhales. Start consciously focusing on pulling your navel into your spine and contracting all your belly muscles. (RPE 3, 4)

    Minute 5:00-15:00

    Pump up the walking pace to 5 miles per hour (about a 12-minute mile). “As you breathe deeply, do an internal body scan and send your breath to areas of your body that seem tight or sore,” Kolber said. (RPE 5, 6)

    Minute 15:00-20:00

    Do eight breaths (or one minute) per move.

    Standing side reach: Place left hand on left outer thigh and reach right hand overhead to reach up and out. Switch sides after four slow breaths.

    Boat pose: Sit on tailbone and grasp shins with your hands. Slowly extend both arms and legs in a V position and balance here.

    Yoga bicycle: Lie back into crunch position with knees bent and slowly cross right elbow to left knee and alternate sides using one movement per inhale/exhale. (Inhale, touch right elbow to left knee, exhale touch left elbow to right knee and vice versa).

    Side plank: From plank pose, keep right palm flat on the floor and shift body weight over to right side so left arm can reach up to the ceiling. Stack ankles and knees on top of each other and look up to left fingertips and hold for four breaths, then switch sides.

    Elbow plank: Press forearms and palms into mat, lift body into a straight line, hold for eight breaths. (RPE 7 for all). Stretch thoroughly.


    Breaking into a slow run or jog burns more overall calories on the treadmill, said Reed. To maximize caloric expenditure, keep your body guessing at what comes next.

    “To budge frustrating fat, try going faster than you’re used to and add new moves to prevent boredom and tap more muscle groups,” said Reed.

    Minute 0:00-3:00

    Warm-up walk on a flat treadmill at 3.5 mph. (RPE 3)

    Minute 3:00-6:00

    Pick up the pace to walk briskly at 4.5 mph. Take more steps (rather than longer steps) to pick up speed. (RPE 4)

    Minute 6:00-9:00

    Reduce speed to 3.5 mph and intermittently lower hips into a half squat, or what Reed calls a “tunnel walk,” pretending you have to stoop to get through a tunnel. Don’t lean too far forward, which places undue stress on the lower back. (RPE 5)

    Minute 9:00-12:00

    Bump up your speed to 4.5 mph and walk with arms raised overhead about shoulder width apart. “This will increase heart rate by 10-20 beats per minute. Reed calls this the “field goal walk” and said it places great demands on the cardiovascular system. (RPE 6, 7)

    Minute 12:00-15:00

    Lower your arms and walk briskly for the next three minutes at 4.5 mph. (RPE 5)

    Minute 15:00-18:00

    Break into a slow jog, gradually increasing speed on a flat treadmill until you’re running 6 mph. “Keep arms pumping naturally at your sides and be aware of foot placement on the treadmill,” said Reed. (RPE 7, 8)

    Minute 18:00-21:00

    Gradually decrease pace to walk 4 mph and begin cooling down. (RPE 6)

    Minute 21:00-24:00

    Finish with a slower warm-up pace, then stretch. (RPE 3)


    This 20-minute “soul walk” pumps up your calorie burn and lifts your spirits. The focus is on connecting your mind to your movements and on stretching tight muscles.

    “On this steady-state walk, focus on objects you’re passing, the way your body feels and on your own deep breathing,” said Kolber.

    Minute 0:00-4:00

    Find a quiet place to take in your surroundings and sit cross-legged. Close your eyes and place your hands on your lower abdomen. Breathe in deeply, allow belly to expand and pause at the end of your inhales as you breathe calmly for several minutes. Blink open your eyes, inhale deeply and shake everything out. (RPE 2)

    Minute 4:00-8:00

    Slowly increase walking pace with arms pumping at your sides until you feel slightly out of breath. Listen to the birds and anything you hear in your surroundings. (RPE 3, 4)

    Minute 8:00-12:00

    Bring your attention to the scents around you as you pick up your walking pace. Notice the different flowers or foliage that you pass. Match your breath to your pace, inhaling for four strides and exhaling for four strides. (RPE 5)

    Minute 12:00-16:00

    Bump up walking pace again so you are breathless but not quite panting. Notice any negative thoughts that may enter your mind and simply exhale them away. Can you hear the call of different birds? Can you hear the sound of children laughing nearby? (RPE 7, 8)

    Minute 16:00-20:00

    Walk and observe nature as you gradually wind down. Check in to see how you are breathing. Can you slow your breath even more? Now shift your focus to the sounds around you. Lastly come back to the sights that you see and prepare to stretch. (RPE 5)

    Hold the following stretches, in any order, for 60 seconds immediately after walking (RPE 3).

    Seated hamstring stretch: Sit with legs extended in front of you, feet flexed up, and elongate from the waist. Fold over shins to grab ankles, shins or calves.

    Side-lying quadriceps stretch: Lie on right side with head in bent right arm and pull left heel to buttocks. Press knees together and hold left foot to buttocks with left hand for 60 seconds, then switch sides.

    Supine hip stretch: Lie back and cross right ankle over left knee. Reach through to grasp left shin and pull it closer into chest. Elongate from the tailbone and switch sides after 60 seconds.

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